Ylang Ylang:

The smell of sweet florals. When diffused it will uplift and brighten your day. It can be paired with almost any oil and found in a variety of perfumes and has multiple medical benefits. It works best as an anti depressant. Ylang Ylang helps one relax easing any anxiety, stress and depression. It can bring happiness when going through any stage of depression. Ylang Ylang also plays an important role in controlling Seborrhoea or Seborrhoeic Eczema. It can help reduce the appearance of any redness and skin irritation. It’s also used as a libido. It can help ease any nerves or anxious feelings sexually. Add a few drops in the diffuser along with orange to get things happening! Ylang Ylang can be found in a number of young living products such as awaken,believe, inner child, gentle baby, dragon time massage oil, and peace & calming.