Vetiver has a very soothing effect on the central nervous system. It also has the ability to ease and calm anger, an over active mind, any compulsive behavior and also acts as a sleep aid. It can also be used to help overactive children that suffer from ADD and ADHD. Cedarwood, vetiver & lavender rubbed on big toe is known to be the key to chill out that over active kiddo! When paired with young Living’s lavender in either a roller bottle and/or diffused it will put you in a deep sleep and you will have the sweetest dreams! It’s also one of the key oils in the “liquid Xanax” blend along with young Living’s lavender, valor, stress away, patchouli, vetiver and topped with your favorite carrier; apply to wrist and bottoms of feet as needed. It’s also been known to help with aCne, wrinkles & oily skin. You can find young Living’s vetiver in many of their products: A?R?T Creme masque, deep relief roll on, copaiba, Ningxia nitro, stress away, and stress away roll on and many more.