palmarosa essential oil

Palmarosa sometimes used in substitution for rose oil due to their similar aroma and palmarosa is much cheaper in price. This oil is widely used as flavoring in the food and beverage industry. It can also be found in soap, perfume, oil and cosmetics industries. It also has many medicinal uses as well. Some of the health benefits of palmarose is that this oil helps your body retain the moisture in the tissues and maintains the moisture balance throughout your body. Palmarosa can also relieve inflammation and symptoms of dehydration. Making this oil very hydrating for the skin. Palmsrosa oil can also promote cell growth. Helping repair any damages done by aging, natural wear and tear of the body and various wounds. As it also promotes growth in defensive cells its considered a great way to strengthen the immune system. When being used in aromatherapy, PalmaRosa oil can relax the muscles and nerves, fights depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger and nervousness. It can be very uplifting to the mind, body, and soul. Also It helps cure sores, cracks on the skin and Athlete?s Foot.