The essential oil of orange has a wide diversity of uses. It is used to add orange flavor to beverages and desserts. It can also be used in soaps, body lotions, creams, anti-??aging/wrinkle creams, room fresheners, sprays, deodorants, chocolates, and bake goods. Typically when one has had a hard day at the office and needs to relax most will go for a sedative such as opium or other synthetic narcotic drugs, which lead to immense damage on the heart and internal organs in the long run. Choosing an essential oil such as orange to help decrease any signs of anxiety, anger, depression or any other stress related issues. The smell of orange can bring happy thoughts and help lift your mood. Orange can also be used to help any problems with decreased libido and lost interest in sex. Its also been known to help Alzheimer patients. Add a drop or 2 into your glass water bottle for some extra flavor. Pair it with ylang yalng or peppermint in your diffuser for a fun, uplifting and happy vibe!