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Video 1Welcome to the Team | PWD: START3102LD

Video 2Who We Are | PWD: WE83R89LD11

Video 3What We Believe | PWD: 45BELIEVE21IT8

Video 4Why We’re Different | PWD: 45NEVER87MLM1LD

Video 5: Where to Start | PWD: 56LETS88BEGIN01

Video 6: The Unsales Tactic & Ways to Share | PWD: 5NON456SALESY43

Key points to remember from the video are as follows:

  • We work hard and we play hard. This is a business but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had working…ever. I want you guys to feel the same.- Lemon Droppers market differently than most teams. We market towards people like you, me, all of us. We don’t quite fit the “Young Living mold”. We are striving to reach a wider audience, so Lindsay has created some fun marketing materials for the entire team to use. You will find further information about those materials in step #3. WE DO NOT CHASE SALES. This is one of the most important things we ask that you remember as a Lemon Dropper. We do not have to chase people down to buy these fabulous oils. Just present the information, your stories, and your excitement…people will come to you. Be patient! We get amazing results because we are consistently sharing our successes with these fabulous oils.- We do well when we help each other. We are here for each other. As a Lemon Dropper, you will have access to incredible knowledge, information and tips on doing things that are consistently working so that we can all grow together.
  • You don’t have to know everything to get start, you just have to start, so go get ’em, Tiger!

Video 7: The Business of ER | PW: 458BIZ6ER8LEARN1

Video 8: How to Introduce Essential Rewards | PWD: 675INTRO80ER1

Key points about ER are as follows:

  • You need to be enrolled in ER, and placing a 100PV monthly order to get your commission check, reach higher commission levels, and be stacked by your upline.
  • You will receive cheaper shipping on your ER order. – You earn rewards points (which can be redeemed through Live Chat after you’ve been enrolled for 2 months). Rewards points increase the longer you are enrolled.
  • You can change the items in your order, and the shipment date at any time prior to the time that your order processes.
  • When you have signed up to purchase your kit in the same month that you sign up for ER, your PV from your kit purchase will cover your ER order for that month. In that case only, you will need to select a shipment date for the following month.
  • ER orders generate PV points for you. (Please refer to the terminology video and explanations page to familiarize yourself with these terms.) ER orders and regular orders are the only way to generate personal PV points.



Please remember that these videos are for our team only. No sharing these links outside of this group. Thank you. Click on the video name to view

Since we’ve now touched on what the Lemon Droppers are all about and how you can get the most out of your membership with YL, it’s time to delve a little deeper.There are some great perks to being a Lemon Dropper! We create our own educational materials, and we have our private facebook groups.

Here’s a compensation plan highlights sheet to look over as you’re starting to understand how the structure works: click to view

Video 1: Young Living Terminology | PWD: 45LEARN76TERMS11

You can reference this handy guide for terminology as well: click to view

Video 2: Compensation Plan Bonuses | PWD: 876CASH45PLAN0

Video 3: Rising Star Bonus | PWD: 45RISE87UP23

Video 4: Stacking Strategy | PWD: 23STACK87SMART01

Video 5: Introduction to Stacking | PWD: 78BIG98STACKS9LD

Video 6: What You Give UP & How to Move People | PWD: 34ON8THE98MOVELD

Video 7: Begin With the End in Mind | PWD: 42BEGIN90END21

Video 8: Piggy Bank Stacking | PWD: 56LD987OINK0

Video 9: The Perks of Leadership | PWD: 97BE65LDLEAD21

Video 10: Generations | PWD: 57GENS87LD8STYLE