juniper essential oil

Juniper has many benefits other than smelling amazing. One of its great health benefits is that juniper acts as a blood detoxifier or purifier. It removes the toxins like uric acid, heavy metals, pollutants and certain compounds and hormones produced by the body. The stimulating effect of juniper essential oil is it helps overcome dizziness, depression, and sleepiness . It also can increases brain activity by eliminating all of those listed. When diluted and applied on wounds or blended with a skin cream it can help your wounds heal faster and keeps them protected from infections. Juniper oil is equally beneficial in healing internal wounds, cuts and ulcers. It also disinfects air and helps cure kidney stones, inflammation, urinary tract infections, acne, eczema, skin diseases, dandruff and enlargement of the prostate gland. Juniper should be avoided when pregnant and those suffering kidney issues.