If we’re meeting here for the first time, you should know this. I’m an oil addict. Anyone in the oil community knows the ongoing “there is an oil for that” line but I’m not sure everyone applies it to their hourly existence. I consider my arsenal of oils to be a proud investment towards my ability to live and provide an overall healthier and safer live for our family. How? Keep reading.


But Rachel, just tell me which ones are your favorites. Just tell me which ones I really need. Which oils can you not live without? Those questions are like asking me to tell you who is my favorite child. Each day that is different and even if I wanted to pick just one (I have four children) I absolutely could not do it.  Luckily Young Living did the dirty work for me, and they gave the world, the premium starter kit. This kit is an incredibly well curated collection of 11 oils. The favorites. The commonly used. The best to help you dive in. And did I mention that the kit comes with a diffuser.


Uhhh. 11 oils? What am I going to do with all of these? How do I even start? I probably won’t use all of those. WRONG. My mission is to make sure you get down to the very last drop. But I warn you not to do that because you’ll cry and stalk your mailman for the next shipment.