With its citrus smell grapefruit is best known for its active ingredients to help reduce appetite and metabolism. It can help curve cravings and signs of hunger. It helps rid excess water weight and is used as a diuretic when used topically. It also can be a natural antibacterial it fights growth of mold and it can help kill skin and internal bacteria and fungus. Have too much wine? Grapefruit also can help cure that Friday night hangover . It stimulates the gallbladder and liver all while killing that massive headache, curbing that craving for junk foods and helps give you a boost of energy. Grapefruit can also can rid any unwanted odors and it can also can kill bacteria naturally on the surface. You can find grapefruit in some of the following young living products: citrus fresh, grapefruit lip balm, power real and kidscents slique toothpaste.