Young Living Essential Oils For Skin Care

Your never-ending search for quality skin care products has brought you to the discovery of Young Living essential oils for skin care from Valor and Heart. Our selection consists of dozens of options that will help you clean, refresh, moisturize and improve your skin. Whether it’s our popular cleaners, anti-aging items, moisturizers, refreshing toner or even if you love to put a few drops of oil into your favorite hand and body lotion you will love the selection and quality of our skin care products.

What are you looking for in essential oils for skin care?

It’s rare to have a company ask that question. The majority of the time they tell you what they have and that’s your only option. What makes Young Living essential oils for skin care different is how they focus more on the customer’s needs and offer a bigger selection that can be mixed to fit your preference. It starts with our essential oils, many of which can be blended and mixed in with the majority of our 100% pure therapeutic grade lotions, soaps and more. You become your own chemist as you create the special scents based on what you want.

Just a few things from the ART collection you may be interested in

  • Cleanser: A popular item in the ART collection, this cleanser uses a gentle lather to wash away impurities which leaves your face feeling clean and renewed.
  • Moisturizer: The ART Light Moisturizer will help your skin maintain and hold the proper hydration throughout the day to keep that silky soft texture you want.
  • Toner: ART Refreshing Toner is another great addition to the collection. This toner works great as it gently removes impurities but does not dry your skin, leaving your face toned, clean and refreshed.

Plenty more where that came from

  • Essential Oils: The best part of our selection is if you love something you can usually add it to your favorites. Take your favorite scent and add it to your favorite lotion or other skin care items to give it that extra boost. Popular examples include; lavender, cedar wood, lemon, orange, peppermint and more.
  • Lavender hand and body lotion: The most popular of our many options of hand and body lotions, it protects the skin while also moisturizing it for hydration that lasts all day.
  • Anti-Aging: Whether it’s our Rose Ointment that heals drying skin or one of our many other anti-aging products, you will see the texture improve drastically.
  • Children: Finding quality items for kids can be a bit challenging but not to worry, we have a great selection including lotions, soaps, shampoos and everything else you need.

Why we are worth a try

The problem with the “standard” selection you see when you shop at the store is that you either see too many of the same items or they are too expensive. Either way that is not a good selection for anyone. We want variety, we want something different. Chances are this isn’t the first time you have tried something to treat dry skin but none of the other items have worked. Chances are that the cleanser you are using isn’t making you happy which is why you are searching for a new one. We are different from the others, we keep our prices low and our customers love our oils so much they use them for personal care, health and wellness for themselves as well as their families.

Young Living essential oils for skin care are made of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils unless otherwise listed in the description. All oils have been concentrated carefully from plant extracts and obtained by resin tapping, steam distillation or cold pressing. We introduce new items all the time so be sure to follow us online for updates. If you are interested in learning more about our products or to become a member/reseller contact Valor and Heart.