Its sweet smell was used in the first genuine eau de cologne. Bergamot is also very popular component in many perfumes. Bergamot also serves a lot of medical uses as well. Alpha Pinene and limonene are antidepressant in nature. It creates of a sense of joy, happiness, boot of energy when feeling sad by improving the circulation of blood. It also helps stimulate certain hormones that help lessen the senstivty of the nerves to pain. Making it very helpful during a headache, sprain, or any type of ache. The sweet smell of bergamot makes it very relaxing oil. It helps soothe any nervous tension, depression, high blood pressure, restlessness, and stress. Bergamot oil is also known for its uses in many soaps and beauty products. For example helping the look of scars and marks on the skin to disappear. Also, it helps the distribution of pigments and melanin to spread evenly resulting in the fading away of marks such as acne scarring. Bergamot is also parried nicely with Ylang Ylang their floral scents will put anyone into a good mood! You can find bergamot in some of young livings most popular items: awaken, white angelica, gentle baby, dragon time bath & shower gel, and joy.