Basil essential oil can be used topically and massaged into the skin enhancing the luster of dull-??looking skin and hair. it is used in skin care supplements that claim to improve the tone of your skin. It can also be used to treat the symptoms of acne and other skin infections. Basil essential oil can also help in providing relief from cold & flu like symptoms and fevers. Due to its antispasmodic nature, it is commonly used to treat symptoms of whooping cough. with the fresh smell of basil it can also be helpful for treating nervous tension, mental fatigue, melancholy, migraines and depression. Basil if used daily can provide mental strength and clarity. Making it very well known and used in aromatherapy. Basil is also known to be an analgesic which reliefs any pain due to arthritis, wounds, injury, scars, bruises, headaches and surgical recovery. Feeling a bit nausea from a day at the amusement park? Basil essential oil can help relief those symptoms and help prevent vomiting due to motion sickness.