Bailey Hamm

Dallas, Texas

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Nevada born, wanderer bred. Since I was 12 I’ve lived in four states and spent nine months traveling the country in pursuit of what set my soul on fire: inspiring others to realize their potential. In all my travels I’ve realized that I’m just has much a boho soul as I am a home body. I’m a sucker for a good blanket, good book, a comfy chair, and a full cup of coffee. I’m also a sucker for anything rustic, shabby chic, succulents, and my black lab Luke.

Oils became a part of my life many years ago during a family houseboating vacation. I vividly remember smelling every bottle and finding an excuse to try them all. I was hooked. I became a true believer when I started using frankincense for an obnoxiously painful bump in my wrist. That was a few years ago and that obnoxious bump hasn’t made another appearance since. Thus, how Frank became my second favorite F word. Oils? F yes.

My daily go to’s

Thieves toothpaste

Joy on my Heart

Valor Roller

Lav and Cedarwood for shut eye

If I could give just one word of advice…

Okay, two words. Don’t wait.

Don’t wait to get oils into your life or home. They could be the difference between a miserable free allergy season or a home free of toxic chemicals.

Don’t wait to get your oils paid for by sharing them with friends. Sharing is caring, right?

Don’t wait to change your life.


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